Fed up with spam? I was recieving 40+ a day when I initially wrote SpamReport during New Years vacation. My average hit as high as 80 a day, before RBL and SBL were implemented by my worst ISP account. I'm peaking at about 30 a day now.

SpamReport will not end spam :( That's not it's goal.

If you want to end spam, have your ISP implement RBL and SBL(s) or switch to an ISP that does. More information about them can be found at and

There is the possibility that SpamReport could help you recieve more spam, by (un)intentionally reporting spam to the spammers.

SpamReport will create reports intended for ISPs and third parties who are interested in spam. If you hate spam as much as I do and want to send reports to ISPs where it originates, SpamReport can shorten the time taken to generate these reports.

I've recived good feedback from ISPs in general. Most want to know where the spam originated and the time it originated, so they can verify which of their customers originated the spam. The ISPs hosting sites referenced in spams generally do not care to hear about the spam, but I still want to tell them. I actually had one web host report that they were taking action against the spam referenced website.

It's nearly impossible to know if reporting spame does any good. is a lot about reporting spam, and some of their users wonder. I forward spam to spamcop also, so their users can benifit from reporting as well.

In order to use SpamReport, you'll need to download and install PostgreSQL database. SpamReport uses PosgreSQL to store spam information and cache whois information. PostgreSQL is a very powerful SQL database engine... A lot more powerful than SpamReport needs, but that doesn't hurt. If you're a python hacker, you could plug in SQLight w/little effort. I've been using Postgres for various applications and choose to implement SpamReport with it.